Day 35 – Unit 2 starts…

Unit 2 scares me.  I have not done proofs in almost 20 years and it is densely populated with proofs.  I am not concerned about understanding them myself.  I am not concerned about teaching them, that much.  I am really concerned that I have to teach proofs with Triangle congruence, Parallel and Intersecting lines and Parallelograms in less than 25 days.  I see this as being a hurdle.  Today, we had a small glimpse of how difficult it will be for students on a pre-assessment.  They really have little to no exposure on the topic. (no surprise)

In other classes, I did my first 3 act task.  It went off ok.  I definitely see room for improvement.  I also discovered schoology which I plan to use for practice for NYS Regents.  I will report on progress with the website as students try it.

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