Day 5 – Problem of the Month Intro

I have this feeling that if my attempt to blog falls apart on any day of the week, it will be Friday.  I am all too happy to leave work, forget to reflect and jump into the weekend.

On Day 5, my lesson was an intro to my first problem of the month – Infinite Windows.  Students are really enjoying math talks.  Today’s  math talk was another shape for them to reproduce in the span of a couple of seconds.  I have to work on my questioning after the math talk to make sure they get the most out of the experience.  Especially with shape math talks, I need to piece together how they remembered the shapes.  The lesson continued with starting the problem of the month.  We solved Level A as a class and I introduced a rubric I designed.   The rest of the period, students were allowed to figure out which Level they wanted to do for their project and start it.  At the end of the period, I remembered to have some of the students record their progress using a neat question series from SVMI (Silicon Valley Math Initiative). I have to be better about giving them reflection time.

I also made a great discovery… Keynote remote is a fantastic way to make the slides go by in and look at my notes.  While having a good handle on technology, I still have not figured out how to project the slide show while looking at the presenter display.  I will continue trying…  Next week is beginning of my first unit.  I am psyched.

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