A slow return

So I have been debating whether or not to return to the blogging world.  Last year, I found building a 180 blog the first time that I did Geometry to be draining for a number of reasons.  The daily slog of a teacher is tough enough without recording it.  And… when you are recording with your own critical eye, it becomes numbing after a while.  I found that while I was recording a bunch of things, not much of it was ready for prime time nor up to my standards.  I read all of these blogs of amazing things happening in classrooms across the country and realize that it requires an amazing amount of effort and time.  I am all for the effort, but my time is parsed between family and work.  I am trying my hardest to keep that balance on the right side of the scale.  I do not know where the journey is going to take me this year, but I have made a couple of decisions.

1. I want to get back to blogging, but not at a daily pace.
2. I will keep a diary to record my successes and failures, but want to start by sharing things that work or ideas that seem cool to me that I want to try.
3. I want to be a more active member in the community of MBToS for the sharing, knowledge and to give back where I can.
4. I want to be a better teacher.  If any of the first three prevent that from happening, I will cut back on them.  However, I believe that they are necessary for it to happen.

I also want to spend more time editing blogs before sending them out.  Most of my posts from last year were undercooked and needed more time in the oven.  

I am excited to be back and will be sharing some of my ideas on how I am going to start my year shortly.


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