Day 44 – Angles, Angles, Angles

So we finished the proof today and I learned that my mechanics in doing proofs from 1985 was a bit rusty and I have to rebuild them up again.  I expect my skills to be able to find the solution for each and every math problem on the fly.  This is not the case; and today proved it.  I did quickly transition to another activity “Angles, Angles, Angles” from the upcoming edition of Meaningful Math – Geometry.  This was a great transition from the proof to other applications of angles.  Students did struggle at first, but then were successful in doing the activity.  The only challenge was creating an entry point for students who were not building the bridge between Algebra and Geometry.  As I plan going forward, I look forward to mixing proofs, Algebra applications and hands on discovery to give the variety that students need to be successful.

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