Day 42 – Protractors and Proofs

Going into Geometry, I knew there were a bunch of manipulatives necessary, but did not realize the extent.  Since I feel like I have to supply most of them, this has been a challenge.  I do remember the challenges of using a protractor during the old Math A days.  However, students did not have to be proficient in using it.  Now, they need to know it to get through all of the different types of proofs and postulates of triangles.  I think they will realize it is a necessity to gain the skill to prevent being annoyed with themselves.  At least, I hope that is the case.  If I remember, I will comment on this later.

Once the students tooled around bit with the protractor measuring angles of a triangle, we set out to prove the angle sum property.  This is the first proof that we are doing as a class and all of them are struggling.  I had all of them be quiet for 10 minutes studying the materials and then had a bunch of discussions at the table and as a class to get them further.  Tomorrow will be a continuation of the journey into the proof.

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