Day 31 – FAL

I was a bit concerned about the start of the lesson, given that I did not have any kind of Do Now.  For the day, I should have been concerned more about forgetting keys, leaving cut out copies in a locked drawer and having a half hour to make it right before the lesson.  As a teacher, we get these moments of necessary efficiency that we push through and make things happen.  This was one of those moments.

Right before the bell, I entered the class with all of the materials and the students went straight to work.  I am finding that in a small classroom packed with students, I just cannot get to all of the students to gauge their thinking.  This is sad and challenging.  FAL lessons help them gauge each other’s thinking and promote learning.  Over the span of the half hour, all of the groups produced a chart paper with their best efforts.  

I then tried a new gallery walk protocol.  I had half of the group defend the work and half of the group go and collect ideas.  The goal of all of the groups was to get a perfect poster.  The flaw in my plan was to forget to give the whiteboards to all of the students for collecting information.  This cut off the opportunity for them to improve as much as possible.  Another chance to improve.

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