Day 30 – Start of an FAL

So, last year I taught Algebra to students that had a tutor for every four students through the MSPinNYC2 Model.  For the MARS FAL lessons, all I had to do was have the tutors grade the pre-assessment, cut out all of the manipulatives and hand them out at the appropriate times.  Given the sheer number of items and volume of grading this one lesson can create, I was looking to streamline the lesson.

I first decided that students needed to review the feedback at the front of the classroom.  The FAL today was Representing and Combining Transformations.  I took the pre-assessment and created a feedback slide.  One hour later, I realized that this was not a great use of time this year, but could be next year.  

As I was going through the lesson, students were somewhat engaged (tough challenge with standing room only in a class of 34) with the feedback slide and were interested in the answers.  We continued with the mini-lesson.  Tomorrow, I will unleash the chart paper, glue and little pieces of paper.  I look forward to it.

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