Day 27 – PSATs

Today was a rough day in the Bronx.  Our school dedicated the day to PSATs.  This is the first time I proctored the PSAT since starting to teach.  The first point of surprise for them was the endless bubble sheets with all of their information.  While that was tedious, it did not compare to the point where I told them 5 minutes was left out of 25.  There was pure shock.  They could not understand how to get the test done.  The problems were too hard.  They did not have enough time.  One after another, they fatigued out and were ready to act out or sleep until 1 remained.  Only one out of the class had the stamina to keep pushing at the end.  I wish I could say that they learned a great lesson in pushing yourself.  I will see if my wish is true next week and the week after.  Intrinsic motivation is tough to find in the Bronx.

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