Day 26 – Notes and Projects

Given our online grading system, students were already aware of their decreasing grades as a result of the project performance.  It seems to be a yearly thing.  I assign a real project, students hand in sub par work, students get subpar grade and freak out.  This year I decided to add a twist.  If students hand the project by the due date, I will return the project with a pencil grade and they can edit for a week and return for more credit.  I look forward to seeing if they take advantage of the opportunity.  Today was a pure work session where students received their work back and had a chance to improve on it.  I believe I have to improve on the structure to get more performance in the future.  I think I have to add modeling to the process to allow students to understand what a good project looks like.  This is one gap that I do not address enough for fear that I give too much away.  Clearly an area that I need to think about to improve this type of lesson and others like it.

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Notes and Projects

  1. One solution here is to give an example of a project which is on a different topic, but which contains the elements of a good project. This project is probably one of the best projects I ever received as a teacher from a student:

    I frequently used it as an example later of what the form of a project (for my expectations) should look like, and highlight some of the things the student did to push it over and beyond what I would expect students to reasonably do for a project.

    • Wow, that is an amazing piece of student work. I am now also thinking about my rubric and am wondering if I am asking for the right things. Did you have a rubric for the project that the student did? How do you look at the connection?

      Thank you for all of your responses, I really do appreciate them.


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