Day 23 – More Reflections

One of the joys I get out of teaching Geometry for the first time is discovering new ways to introduce content to students.  Nothing is like the blank stare of confusion that needs a prompt to lead them towards a road of understanding.  Today was the link between reflections over x=y and flipping the ordered pair.  The last time I was exposed to High School Geometry was in 1984-85.  This rediscovery is refreshing and fun. (so far) I look forward to more discoveries and more improvement.

Yesterday was more about toying with the Mira.  Today was reflecting without it.  Most of the students made the transition from one mode to the other pretty well when applied to reflections over the axis.  However, reflections over x=y and x=-y were more of a challenge.  Next year, I will definitely have to spend more time introducing the line of symmetry.

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