Lesson Template – Ideas anyone?

As I start the year in Geometry, I am trying to develop a style of teaching that will resonate with my student population.  After teaching Algebra for nearly 7 years, I knew that Geometry would be different because of the amount of content previously not covered or covered little.  This led me to building my current lesson plan format.

The Start
Students start off with one of three different things, each of which is dedicated to them improving their number sense or spatial sense. The first option is a dot talk or a 2d talk to work on their spatial skills.  The challenge with this option is that the image is shown for 3 seconds and as students settle, it is not an easy fit for a start.  The second option is a traditional math talk where students use mental math to solve a problem.  This is a good option, but is better leveraged with Algebra.  The third option is Estimation180.com. This is a solid option for any math class and good to leverage throughout lessons.  I would like to lean more towards the first option to stretch the spatial skills and enjoy the last one to improve estimation skills.

The Middle
I then have either an activity where students discover a topic or a mini-lesson for those topics that are not conducive to easy discovery. Students work in groups to wrestle with the topic and then they are presented with greater challenges.  Discovery and practice intermingle with students getting a better handle on the topic.

The End
Students write their notes and compare their notes to their peers.  I have to work on this and would like to have some prompts.

Each Friday, I have a notebook quiz and a content quiz.  I pick a random page of the notes for the week and grade their notes while they take a quiz.  By the end of Friday, all of the information is recorded.

Any ideas on adapting/improving the structure?

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