Day 21 – Translations

Solid lesson.  Math talks are really getting to be part of how we do things.  This lesson started with a two dimensional math talk.  My protocol has been to have 3 seconds looking at the shape, draw, have another 3 seconds at the shape and revise.  At this point students then get to see the shape and determine the pattern that helped them find the figure.  My hope is that over time students will get better and better at manipulating shapes in their head and be able to “see” geometry better.

The lesson probably did not need it, but I added in “Race Car” from Smart Moves by Michael Serra.  I really liked the way that the game taught vectors and led nicely into translations and physics.  The introduction of the rules was tough and was helped by the lesson keynote. Next time, the rules need to be thought out a bit more and timing needs to be checked.  The lesson is fine without the “Race Car” activity, but is definitely improved by it.

Translations were then introduced by point then polygon.  Many students had seen it before, but just did not know/recall the process.  I ended the period with students taking notes to see what they know.  Notes are working out particularly well this year and I look forward to greater success with students because of them.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 – Translations

  1. I’m really liking being able to see your daily summaries of your lesson plans. Don’t be too hard on yourself in terms of direct instruction. There are just some places which are incredibly hard to figure out how to help kids “discover it.” As long as your goal is students thinking mathematically, I think you’ll do fine.

    • Thanks. For right or for wrong, my biggest goal of the blog is to inform my instruction going forward this year and especially next year. So to a degree, I am candidly highlighting opportunities for improvement.

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