Day 17 – Illogical twists

So, I had this great plan to use the prisoner’s dilemma for a lesson on logic.  I found a great example of the prisoner’s dilemma that would not get our principal phone calls and I was ready to go.  I started the lesson with the new problem of the month and went through the Level A task on it.  I continued with a video from the game show “Golden Balls”: a great example of prisoner dilemma.  The challenge came when I tried to do the logic table, everything fell apart.  The beginning of the table was fine.  However, it broke down when I looked at anything beyond that because the logic table resulted in monetary values and not just true/false.  This is not good for an introductory lesson.  Tomorrow is a lesson to recover.  I do not like making mistakes.  The only consolation I have from today’s lesson is that I openly admitted to the students that I was not sure how to proceed and needed to review the material again tonight.  I think it is really good for students to see that teachers are human too.

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