Day 16 – First day for 4 lesson plans

So this year, I asked to teach Geometry.  I have 5 sections all Geometry to 4 different populations: honors, prep, regular and 15:1.  Today was the first day that each population had a different lesson.  This is clearly no fun and not recommended.  Typically, I have been reviewing the success of my honors class on the blog because it has been a clear run at a lesson.  Usually, this is the first time I taught the lesson.  Because I am the Math Team Lead and have to meet with all team leaders during my class time on Mondays, I have to give a lesson that students can run by themselves.  Everyone has their challenges, and mine come with working with a great group of teachers and administrators, so I gladly take them…

On Mondays, I will be picking the next best lesson for the day.  I will typically pick the one from the regular class because it is in the stream of the whole year Geometry class.  Today, I started teaching logic and really wanted to use the prisoner’s dilemma.  Little did I understand that it would take all of the period to get through truth value and negation.  There was no time for compound sentences.  One tactic that I did for the first time was, after I had students in their notebooks their definition of a topic, I had them compare all of their definitions.  This prompted a lot of changes and discussion.  I will definitely do that again.  Other than that change, I had a quirk in the negation of one of the sentences that made it more difficult.  I am reluctant to remove the quirk because it paints a real picture of what could be.  I was not surprised when students gave examples of truth value with only true statements.  I will have to watch out for that in the future.

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