Day 10 – Transversals

I am finding that the great materials that I find on the internet are a bit too challenging for the students.  Today, I used a lesson idea from Andrew Stadel.  The lesson he created was great and I did not have the materials to make it as good in my class.  It was one of those days that I could not find stickies and was a bit unprepared.  My lesson was a discovery lesson within the groups that they had to use similar materials to find the angles in the parallel lines cut by a transversal.  The twists I added were a quiz (Friday will be my quiz day, for me to adjust the next weeks lessons as necessary) and I have a milestone date each week for the problem of the month.  Since students are struggling with the problem of the month, I spent some time explaining the rubric in more detail.  I also had all of the students take foldable notes from the angle definitions they discovered.  Based on the quizzes, I clearly need a model notebook.

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