Day 9 – Definitions and Angle Definitions

After two days of definitions, I am not bored and the students weren’t either.  I find myself asking students more if they liked the lessons.  I am not sure if it is self-confidence or the fact that they are pretty well behaved and are just trying to learn and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Today, was a clean up day.  I started the lesson with estimation 180 and continued with an exploration of the definition of an angle.  While they seemed to understand about some of the notation around an angle, the angle itself was tough for them to describe.  I definitely felt like a lot of what we covered was old news to the students, but the foldables and the interactive lesson made the experience better.  The interactive slide for all the types of angles was helpful for the students.  When students had to define complementary and supplementary, it is very important to ask what the difference between complementary and a right angle.  They confused them easily.

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