Day 8 – Basic Definitions

For the first time, I designed the same lesson to go from the 12:1 classes all of the way up to the Honors class.  I spent a lot of time designing the lesson and was hopeful in the outcome.  The first part of the lesson was having the students review a geometric figure and find a series of vocabulary words in it. The second part I had to revise on the fly.  I had each table act out a different vocabulary word.  For words that were unknown to them, they googled them on their phones and the following discussion clarified the terms.  Finally, I asked them to find the terms plane and coplanar in a video.  I showed the Superman II clip of the three villains captured in a plane and sent into space.  this worked out well.  To capture the learning, I had all of the students put foldable definitions into their notebooks. The sequence was really important.  Students must fold, then glue then cut.  If it is done in another order, they will end up with a mess or pieces all over the place.  I like to think it was a successful lesson and many of the classes needed more time to finish.  I have not gotten to a wrap up, though I did end many of the classes with them writing the definitions in the notebook.  Honors finished the lesson, 12:1 made it through the first phase.  Everyone else made it some point in between.  It was a good day.

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