Day 3 – One Cut Wednesday

Outdoors, it was in the mid-90’s.  Indoors, we had no a/c.  This makes for an impossible environment for learning… Unless you follow Fawn Nguyen on twitter.  I had almost 100% engagement all day.  Today’s lesson was based on a link to a brilliant idea from one of her tweets. Full credit should be given to Bowman Dickson for the great post on his blog.

My version has three sheets… Regular polygons, irregular polygons and complex drawings. After a math talk, I demonstrated the one cut process with a star and gave the students the regular polygon sheet.  When they finished, they got more sheets. At the end, I asked what was easiest and toughest.

I like the results of the lesson… Kids complained that their head hurt and they are thinking about math.  I am not sure if I am spending enough time sharing out.  I will definitely be cognizant of this going forward.

For my first year in geometry, I am hoping to get students into the swing of things by toying around with spatial reasoning and logic.  While I have been successful with this part of the experience, I have not spent a lot of time setting up routines.  I will see as time goes by.

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