Starting to Blog

So I have been on Facebook for years, twitter for a while and have been exploring the field of math education for a while too.  Why am I nervous for putting out a blog…

1. I have sat back and thought that others have it figured out much better than I and I should just listen to them.

2. I do not have the time for it.  I don’t know if I really ever will have the time for it, but I am getting over this because…

3. I want to hold myself responsible for reflection and open myself up to constructive criticism because I want to collaborate with a larger group of people and get better with them.

Starting in a couple of weeks, I am going to try a daily (180) blog of my experiences.  I plan on sharing my lesson materials (unless they are copyrighted) because all of you in the blogging universe have been so kind to do the same.  As I grow into my notion of blogging, I hope you check out this blog every once in a while and throw out an idea or two.



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